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Who would choose to wait for the kettle to boil when you’re desperate for a cup of tea if you could have instant boiling water at the turn of a tap? By providing instant boiling water, a boiling water tap is so much more convenient than a kettle, making it the perfect choice for anyone leading a busy life. But a boiling water tap has many more uses than just making our morning cuppa. Be it boiling rice or pasta, cooking vegetables, sterilising babies bottles or chopping boards you’ve used for raw chicken,  a boiling water tap will become one of your most used appliances should you choose to add one to your kitchen.


Mains water is filtered as it enters a thermally insulated flask which is concealed in a cupboard under the worktop. The water is dispensed through a tap situated on the worktop next to the sink. Not only does it save you money by being cheaper on electricity than a kettle (a boiling water tap costs approximately 3p per day to heat the water used), it also saves on water as only the required amount of water is dispensed as opposed to the usual scenario of over filling a kettle. It also frees up space on the worktop that would have been taken up by a kettle, particularly useful if workspace is lacking.


If the convenience and cost saving of a boiling water tap isn’t enough to convince you, perhaps the safety aspects offered by a boiling water tap will be? With no electric flex to accidently pull on and no boiling water stored on the worktop, the boiling water tap provides a much safer way of dispensing boiling water than a conventional kettle. Many accidents are caused in the home, particularly involving young children and the elderly, by spillages from kettles. This is not possible with a boiling water tap. Most boiling water taps have a childproof handle and insulated sides that means it never feels hot to the touch. Our favourite boiling water tap from Quooker, also has the added benefit of dispensing the boiling water in a spray as opposed to a solid stream, reducing the risk of scalding even more.

So when you are planning your kitchen refurbishment, take a look at a boiling water tap in action and seriously consider adding it to your wish list. We don’t think you’ll regret it.