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SLEEK & SYLISH, BORA downdraft cooktops deliver flexible and efficient cooking through induction cooking, with integrated down draft extraction technology-alleviating the need for conventional [and bulky!] over head extraction above.

Available in recirculating & vented modes to suit every scenario, Bora have made their cooktops accessible for any kitchen design.



Bora have brought out various different models of their range, becoming more advanced each time.

The original ‘Basic’ was the first of its time, incorporating down-draft extraction with induction cooking. As time & technology progressed, they created a new ‘PURE’ cooktop, a very similar design, but with a flush mounted extractor so pans and saucepans could glide more easily across the cooktop as one is adjusting positions of their pans throughout the cooking process.

NEW BORA S PURE – a smaller version of the cooktop range, perfect for compact kitchens where space is at a premium. Efficiency and rate of extraction remain the top priority and have not been compromised. Much like the PURE, the S PURE has designated cooking zones to cater for a variety of pan sizes for flexible cooking!


-Child lock

-Removable extractor cover for ease of cleaning

-Inter-changeable extractor cover colours to suit your mood!

-Removable grease filter that is dishwasher safe

-Touch sensitive controls, much like a smart phone

-Boost function for extractor, & cooking zones

Come and visit us in the showroom to see which BORA would best suit your kitchen