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Bathrooms from inhouse designs

Bathroom Design and Installation

The bathroom is a place not solely judged on its requirement in possessing a ‘Tub’, but has become a vibrant area for design flair, technical expertise, and pampering.

The materials, textures and engineering of today’s products give the bathroom a new meaning. It can be an Oasis, En-suite, Wet room, Steam room or Spa. Whatever you want to make it, we have the experience, together with our specialist partners of re-inventing the word.

Lighting, heating and wall coverings play an important part in creating the ambiance we are looking for but seldom find. The term ‘well being’ is used extensively in bathroom brochures to stimulate the customer, we would suggest a ‘feel good’ label should be applied to bathrooms we create. So let your imagination be pampered. Call us to discuss your requirements or visit our bathroom showroom in Oxford situated just off the ring road.

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