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Kitchens from inhouse designs

Kitchen Design and Installation

Today the kitchen forms the hub of the home, where we gather to cook, work and entertain our family and friends. We want this living space to look good, work well and be a testament to our good taste.

Good classic design will last the test of time, and prove that the form and detail of good quality products will shine through.

Materials are sourced from all over the world, and as market trends change, so do the sources of supply. We strive to keep you informed of new products. Woods are varied and diverse in colour and grain. Natural and conglomerate stone can be textured, polished or honed and available in robust detail or muted tones. Metals and glass can be formed in all types of ways, and then coloured in striking hues. Whatever your criteria we are able to advise. Whether it is a contemporary kitchen design you are looking for or a more traditional kitchen, call us to discuss your requirements or visit our kitchen showroom in Oxford situated just off the ring road.
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