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The Quooker tap is the epitome of elegance and efficiency. The original aim of the product was to instantly provide 100 degrees boiling water. This has now expanded to dispensing boiling water, hot and cold water, filtered as well as sparkling water all from the same tap. Enabling a simplistic and decluttered worktop with maximum versatility.

Nordic, Fusion or Flex?

Quooker have brought out three generations of the product, becoming more advanced each time.

The original Nordic tap was the first product released. It produces 100 degrees boiling water instantly and can either be paired with the Quooker mixer tap or with your existing kitchen tap.

The Fusion tap was the next to be released combining boiling water with the mixer tap. Filtered, chilled and sparkling water can be included with the addition of the CUBE water tank.

The newest member of this family is the Flex tap. Similar to the Fusion tap but with a discreet, pull-out hose for maximum reach and flexibility.

Images above are of Quooker taps installed in recent projects.

Safety features of the Quooker taps

The Quooker taps have a child lock system which means the boiling water cannot be accessed without deliberate intent.

Insulation in the spout ensures the tap is still safe to touch.

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