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At Inhouse Designs we pride ourselves on not only providing the highest quality service and products but also designing features into your kitchen and bathroom that are unique and one of a kind. Adding that personal touch to make your kitchen fit your lifestyle seamlessly.

Iffley Kitchen – Built in Herb Garden

The clients at our Iffley Kitchen project are keen cooks and wanted to bring elements of the outdoors into the house. We designed a built in herb garden with separate wash sink to give them ultimate freshness in this sleek design.

Gibbons Kitchen – Hidden dog gate

The Gibbons kitchen was designed with the whole family in mind including their beloved dog ‘Mitzi’. Waist height gates were built into pockets within the cabinet design. The discreet barriers blend in with the traditional style kitchen. keeping with the aesthetics as well as improving functionality.

Ettington Kitchen – Chalk Board Sliding Door

The sliding door that doubles up as a chalk board in this Ettington Kitchen cleverly hides the pantry and utilities in the room behind. As well as creating a playful notice board for the adults and large drawing space for the children, this personal touch gives the Kitchen a unique feeling allowing the family to leave their mark on the home.