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Xtend+ A new philosophy for kitchens

With the Xtend+, Leicht is presenting a trend-setting design which enhances the room and dramatically changes the kitchen architecture. With this unique wall design concept, the space above the worktop has been given a completely new look. Xtend+ is an interesting alternative to the traditional trio of worktop, niche and wall unit above. The wall system with illuminated shelves in aluminium rails is designed to be placed on the worktop, completely filling the space above it. The special feature it offers is the option to close off the entire shelving space to create a smooth , calm wall area at the push of a button. The look of the kitchen changes with each process of opening and closing. In its opened position it serves the individual design of the work space and thanks to its illumination, it is attractive and eye-catching. When closed the horizontal arrangement of the fronts is impressively subtle in appearance.

Leicht were awarded the Interior Innovation Award 2013 for this design. Come and visit our newly refurbished showroom to see it in action. Meanwhile take a look here at the demonstration video produced by Leicht.